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Legal Information Centre

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Common problems

Contract problem? Need someone to check the wording?

Are you being cheated in a contract? Need to get out of a contract?

Do you need to make a claim but need information on what's involved?

Have you been charged with a crime and need to have information on what your options are?

Need to find out if your convictions are spent?

Need to know how to avoid a county court judgment?

Going into mediation and need to know how it works?

Note: we give information and advice about the law but do not conduct litigation or get involved in the conduct of litigation: in other words we don't start proceedings for you or take your case through the courts on your behalf.

What we cannot do: conduct your case for you; initiate proceedings in a court; represent you in court; prepare any instrument for transferring or charging land; preparing or litigating in probate matters; authenticating or certifying signatures or documents; administer oaths; become involved in immigration matters; issue claims for personal injury or employment matters.

What we can do: tell you how the law is likely to apply to your situation - civil or criminal; give you an outline of the steps you need to take to protect yourself; save you huge amounts on your legal bills; give you useful and helpful information and advice about legal problems of many different types.